Who can join and how


If you are a grantmaker or philanthropist who wants to learn more education in the Global South, the IEFG is open to you. As part of our network, you can meet and network with grantmakers with a wide range of philanthropic interests and expertise. Our network includes funders at various levels of experience, including those who are expert as well as those who are new to education funding in developing countries.

Who can join

IEFG members support efforts to improve education in low- and/or middle-income countries from the preschool to secondary levels. IEFG members fund in one or more countries, have an explicitly stated focus in education, and must be one of the types of grantmaking entities listed below:

  • Private independent foundations
  • Operating foundations whose grantmaking supports programs other than those operated by the foundation itself or associated chapters or entities
  • Public and community foundations whose primary activity is grantmaking and dedicate over 50% of their budget to making grants to multiple organizations
  • Faith-based grantmaking programs whose grantmaking is open to multiple organizations and not restricted to a specific religious group
  • Corporate foundations and giving programs, provided they are not connected to the business mandate (beyond location). (CSR programs are accepted in exceptional cases, but there are other education networks that may more helpful to you.)
  • Charitable trusts
  • Institutional and private philanthropic advisors who are actively engaged in grantmaking
  • Family foundations

Grantmaking institutions must meet the following criteria:

  • Grants are made for charitable purposes.
  • Grants total at least US $50,000 per year to improve education in low- and/or middle-income countries. Grants made are to carry out activities or support organizations located in those countries. For grantmaking institutions located in low and/or middle income countries, direct grants must total at least $25,000 per year.
  • Grants are open to multiple individuals or organizations.
  • Grantmaking is the main component of the organization’s mission and accounts for at least 55% of the total annual budget.
  • The majority of funding comes from non-government sources.

Note: Organizations whose principal purpose is marketing are not eligible for membership.

Voluntary membership contributions

Since the IEFG’s formation in 2011, the IEFG has been funded through the generous donation of 6-8 members. With the expansion of activities in 2013/14 and also the will to expand the ownership of the network, the IEFG has invited voluntary contributions from more members.

IEFG membership contributions are voluntary, apply to member institutions and individual philanthropists, and are based on giving capacity. While we strongly encourage the contributions, the full benefits of IEFG membership remain open to all grantmakers, regardless of contribution. Our contributions form can be found here.

How to join

To join the International Education Funders Group (IEFG), please send an email expressing your interest to Megan Haggerty, Coordinator, at info@iefg.org