Collage of students across the globe. Photos by Dana Schmidt, Michelle Holmes and Images of Empowerment. All rights reserved.
The International Education Funders Group (IEFG) is a member-led learning and collaborating network for foundations, donor-advised funds, and other private grantmakers.

The IEFG is the largest global network of philanthropic actors funding education. We are committed to achieving the fourth Sustainable Development Goal, and believe in the power of education to drive progress towards the other SDGs. We are all passionately engaged in local, national and international grant-making within diverse organisations, with differing priorities and individual strategies but a shared belief in the power of education and a shared drive to urgently improve the performance of education systems worldwide.

We are a peer-led, member-driven group, focused primarily on co-learning, information exchange and networking, trying to collectively strengthen our members’ work and knowledge of the field. The IEFG does not seek to directly influence education policy agendas and spaces; we aim to support and enable philanthropic funders in their work. Our purpose is to help private funders have a stronger voice and impact in education by improving their strategic analyses and thinking, informing and assisting their grantmaking, and providing opportunities for collective learning and action.

Please note IEFG is not a grantmaking institution – it is a learning and collaborating network.
Students waiting to answer a question. Photo by Images of Empowerment. All rights reserved.


Event Type Title Date Location
IEFG webinar IEFG Asia Circle | The Learner of the Future – Skills and Mindsets: What do we need to get there! 09 July 2024
IEFG webinar IEFG Asia Circle | Examining the Great Divide: Employers and School Systems 13 August 2024
IEFG in person event IEFG Together 8 – 10 April 2025 Singapore