Two major principles that the IEFG is endeavoring to abide by are (a) to be funder-driven, not secretariat-driven and (b) to let form follow function. Therefore, there is as yet no office and no legal status. The group is supported through voluntary membership contributions. Two consultants each spend up to half time coordinating the IEFG, working with the ten-member Steering Committee. As needs grow, it is expected that more formal support structures will be put in place.

The Steering Committee is made up of 10 volunteers from among IEFG membership, and provides guidance on all IEFG programs and initiatives. IEFG member Firelight Foundation serves as treasurer and fiscal sponsor. Ad-hoc committees are formed for specific projects, such as planning the next meeting or looking at a particular issue in depth.

The IEFG is also supported by volunteers from the IEFG membership who serve as “live-wires” of information on groups that affect the global policy agenda in education (including the Global Partnership for Education and the Learning Metrics Task Force), and for most of the IEFG’s thematic groups:

  1. Evidence, Evaluation and Learning Outcomes Measurement
  2. Education and Resilience (with a focus on refugees at the moment)
  3. Global Development and Education Agendas
  4. Post- Primary and Girls’ Education
  5. Early Childhood Development
  6. Early Stage Granters (often small and/or family foundations)
  7. Teacher Training and Professional Development
  8. Citizen-led Assessment
  9. Education Rights and Social Justice