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According to UNESCO (2023), the annual financing gap in education funding from 2023 to 2030 in low—and lower-middle-income countries is estimated at USD 97 billion. Philanthropy is an important force in the global education sector. It can be a disruptor to the structures and silos of the global education community, with different ideas, perspectives and networks. It can build bridges and support innovation. And often, it can fund where others can’t.


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IEFG BIG Series: Crises

In May/June 2022 the IEFG held its first virtual BIG series. BIG stands for ‘Brains in Gear’, with the aim to get IEFG members’ brains whirring about issues that affect our world, our grants and the lives of our grantees. The most recent series on ‘Crises’ allowed us to step back and think about the big-picture issues affecting our portfolios and partners.

Whilst talking about conflict and climate, one of our speakers commented on how these two crises are intertwined on a finite planet. Our BIG Series revealed that all these crises are not separate but interlocking – and that we are all affected by them.
This message has been beautifully illustrated by filmmaker Sorrel Milne in a short 90-second video. Please feel free to share far and wide with your networks.