If you would like to join the IEFG as a member please download and complete the application form available below and send it to

Questions marked * are mandatory, others are optional.

Membership Process

  1. Interested parties download and complete the membership application form and send it to [email protected]. You can download the form by clicking the button below.
  2. Introductory phone call with IEFG Executive Director (usually 45 min – 1 hour). As well as answering any questions you have about the IEFG, the Executive Director will ask you a series of questions about your organization based on the information you have provided on the application form.
  3. The Executive Director will send your membership application on to the IEFG Steering Committee’s Members Subcommittee to review and decide on membership.
  4. The Members Subcommittee usually meets the 3rd week of every month. The Executive Director will be in touch with any questions the Subcommittee might have as well as their decision on your membership application.
  5. Members decide how little or much they would like to participate. If you are invited into the IEFG membership, please feel free to initiate ideas, to participate in our events, to propose webinars/meetings, to network, etc. But you are also welcome to remain quiet and use the IEFG as is best for you and your organization. If you want to connect more, but are struggling, please do reach out to the Executive Director. We exist to serve the needs of our members, and to improve grantmaking to basic education.
  6. After joining the IEFG, the Executive Director is able to assist you should you be in need of confidential peer support. She can connect you to appropriate peers and can set up a confidential sharing space for members to discuss a sensitive issue.